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Icom IC-2AT HT Set

Two Icom IC-2AT handhelds. The IC-2AT covers 144-148 MHz and includes touchtone pad. (Note: does not have tone access or dmr capability.) The package includes: two handhelds, two DC-1 12v adaptors, BP-3 small battery pack, CM-8 large battery pack, a wall-wart charger that works on either pack, the Icom speaker/mic accessory, a manual for the HT and a leather belt case. The leather case was made by Bianchi to fit an early Kenwood HT I used to have. It perfectly fits the IC-2AT with either the DC-1 or the BP-3 under it, or perfectly fits the HT with the CM-8 large battery attached. I also include a short cord that can be attached to any 12v supply to charge the batteries or run the radio with the DC-1 attached. I have also replaced the batteries in the BP-3 pack, updating the old NiCd to NiMH.

If you are in the Kamloops area I can easily deliver them or we can arrange to meet in town somewhere.

Asking $150.00 for the whole works.

Contact Chuck, VE7PJR at

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12/03/2023 (1 month)
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