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Ten-Tec Model 540 "Triton IV" Transceiver

This was my second HF rig, back in 1977...

This is a Ten-Tec Model 540, also known as the "Triton IV." It has most of the available internal options for that year including crystal calibrator, narrow filter and accessory modules to get full coverage on 10m. This is a 5-band radio: 80/40/20/15/10. As we used to rate radios, it has 200W input to the final stage. Comes with original manual.

Note: because of the change in how radios are rated (from input to output power) be aware this radio puts out more than 100W. When I bought an LDG antenna tuner I was told to buy the high-power (600W max) version of the tuner because the base model tuners are not built to handle more than 100W.

The radio works but probably needs some TLC and tuning, possibly new caps in places.

If you are in the Kamloops area I can easily deliver the radio to you or meet at an agreed location in town.

Asking $100.

Contact Chuck, VE7PJR at

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