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Field Day 2013 and VE7RLO update

Hi all,

Field Day will be upon on us soon. Once again the Kamloops Amateur Radio Club will be participating in Field Day from the Philip ranch at 5380 Jackson Rd. in Knutsford. For those of you that haven’t been there before we have attached 3 maps to this article on how to get there. The Long Lake Rd is aprox. 4 Km. South on highway 5A from it's intersection with the Trans-Canada Highway and just past the Knutsford community hall. Once you are on the Long Lake Rd. stay on it until you reach Jackson Rd., turn left and look for 5380 Jackson Rd. on the right just past Mannings Rd.

We will be using the club's call VE7UT as usual and operating 2 transmitters in the 2A class. Therefore our exchange will be 2A BC. If all goes well we will have RTTY, PSK31 as well as SSB and CW modes available.

There is also a rough schedule of activities attached to this article. As with most amateur radio events things are generally pretty fluid so it's by no means written in stone. If you have any questions about anything going on with the club and/or field day, please do contact us.

Also, Myles VE7FSR has gone up to Lolo to fix the VE7RLO repeater. Apparently the RVS-8 voting controller was confused again, so a timer-switched relay has been installed that will power cycle the RVS-8 off/on once per day at about 3am. Keep that in mind if you're having a very early morning (or very late night) QSO! Hopefully this will save a few trips up the hill. Thanks to Myles for the fix-up!

Look forward to seeing everyone at Field Day - we can pretty much guarantee the weather's going to be better than last year, right?