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KARC's social media presence

Hi all,

If you look at the right hand side of the site here, you'll notice our new "KARC on social media" links. We now will be posting content on our new Google+ page, mostly sharing things we find interesting or useful, along with mentions of our posts here at The Google+ posts will auto-post over to Twitter and our Facebook pages.

We hope you'll join us via whichever social network you enjoy using! If you don't utilize any already, I personally would recommend having a look around at Google+ as a place to find people who share things on the topics you're interested in. It appears to be a quickly ever-growing community of people who care to share useful stuff (on a huge range of topics).

In doing our social presence I am calling on our community here to help contribute even if you're not part of these social networks. If you wind up with links to things that are of interest to the ham community, please email them my way. I will look to share them with the rest of the world and make the KARC more of a presence online.

Thanks, and enjoy!