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Last club meeting - Nov. 3

From Vern, VE7VGO,

Hi Everyone.

A quick update re. our last club meeting.

It was a Swap Shop meeting interrupted by a small business item. A motion was made to replace our aging Field Day tower and beam antenna. It was suggested to buy Dave Sutherland almost new 3 element hy-Gain beam antenna. For the tower replacement two 20' aluminium pipes will be used. Total estimated cost not to exceed $ 750.00. Motion by Mike Garneau seconded by Jim Milligan - motion carried.

It was suggested to have once more a VHF net. Bill Foster volunteered to hold it every Tuesday evening starting tomorrow at 20:00 hours on 147.960 Mhz. Bill hopes this will lead to more radio use in place of email. Lets all
join the net so not to disappoint Bill.

Another item on our last meeting was the showing of an excellent DVD about "The secret wireless war"

Don't forget our next meeting Dec.1, it will be our annual Potluck dinner !