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Thinking Day on the Air 2017 with the Kamloops 2nd Aurora Sparks

Thinking Day on the Air 2017

The Kamloops Amateur Radio Club hosted the Second Aurora Sparks unit on February 18, 2017 for Thinking Day on the Air.  The aim of Thinking Day on the Air (TDOTA) is to encourage girls to make guiding friendships with members of other units and to introduce them to amateur radio.  TDOTA first formally took to the air in 1985 to celebrate 75 years of guiding, so the event has been going for more than 30 years.

The Sparks had fun learning the phonetic alphabet, doing crafts, playing Morse Mouse, and learning to send their names in CW.  All the Sparks successfully mastered the straight key and earned their CW badge.  Although HF propagation didn't allow the Sparks a long-distance QSO with other TDOTA participants, we were able to give the girls an opportunity to talk on 2M and HF (special thanks to Bill and Peter for manning their stations) and they all earned a special Thinking Day on the Air certificate.

Thank you to Adam VA7AQD and his sons Quentin and Alex, Bill VE7WWW, Gina VA7AIR, Myles VE7FSR, Peter VE7DNZ, and Vern VE7VGO who all pitched in to make this a very successful event. 

For more pictures (thank you to Adam for being our official photographer!) of the event, please click here.

See everyone again next year for Thinking Day on the Air!