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Plans for new repeater packages on Lolo and Greenstone

As mentioned at the last club meeting, I am working on building two new repeater packages - one for Greenstone, and one for Lolo - to replace the existing aging and frequently failing repeaters.  With a lot of help from Lee, VE7FET, we are in the process of planning how the new repeater systems will work and what equipment will be needed.  For those members interested, I will provide some links below to information on the software, hardware, and interfaces that we will be putting together over the next couple months. Stay tuned to these pages for more information and updates as things progress. 

I have also been working on building some Raspberry Pi-based APRS and Winlink Packet gateways which will also be part of the repeater upgrades. The Raspberry Pi boards are connected to two TNC-Pi boards which are each connected to a VHF radio.  The Raspberry Pi will run Xastir for APRS, and LinuxRMS for the VHF packet gateway to the Winlink system. The two radios will share a single antenna, using a Sinclair Q2222 duplexer.

Here are some link to check out if you are interested in learning more:

AllStar Link

Yaesu DR1X and AllStar Link

Asterisk AllStar and the Raspberry Pi

Modifying USB Sound FOB for AllStar

Allstar RTCM (Radio Thin Client Module)

PDF icon USB FOB schematic22.66 KB
PDF icon USB FOB Mods1.8 MB