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More pictures from the 2018 Bill Foster Memorial Field Day

Adam uploaded a couple more photos from Field Day this past weekend, and I took a screen capture of our final scores from the N1MM+ contest logging program (we also managed to work N1MM on RTTY on Sunday!). We also had a fabulous potluck supper on Saturday night, but we were all so busy enjoying the goodies that we forgot to take any pictures.  Thank you to everyone that brought all the awesome food for the potluck and the goodies that kept us fed during the contest!










We used the projector at the PREOC as a second monitor on Adam's station. This gave us a really big view of what was happening on FT8!











Adam was pretty intense on Saturday night!  He was really trying to make those contacts on FT8!











Quentin and Myles calling CQ on Saturday night before I wiped out the front end of Adam's radio. Next year we need to put a little more space between the antennas, buy some band-pass filters, use a front-end saver, or all of the above!  Lesson learned!

73, and see you all next year at Field Day!