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Electronic parts - looking for a new home!








The club has a new member, Mike Smith, who is not a licenced amateur but he joined the Kamloops Amateur Radio Club in order to make contact with like-minded electronics enthusiasts and to possibly learn some things about radio design. 

Mike worked in mining as a metallurgist for 37 years and has recently retired. He worked at mines all over most of Canada and has now settled in Kamloops for retirement. Mike has recently remarried and has children in Williams Lake and Kamloops, as well as two step-daughters.

Electronics has always been a hobby for Mike over the years and he has a patent on an electronic device from one of the mines he worked at. Now that he is retired and has the time now, he is currently setting up his electronics workshop and getting back into electronics as a retirement hobby that he is looking forward to. His favorite projects include building radios, alarm circuits, and high voltage generators of various styles. During the summer months he works in his garden growing herbs and vegetables.

Mike has a very extensive inventory of electronic components that he needs to downsize and would like to donate the parts to club members if they can be used by an electronics hobbyist such as himself.  Mike has very kindly organized the parts, and has put together two lists of "lots" available to KARC members.

Click the following links to view the PDF lists: Link 1   Link 2  There are sample photos of some of the lots below.

Mike will be joining us at the May 6 club meeting to introduce himself and answer any questions you might have about his huge list of items.

Welcome Mike!