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Welcome to our newest club member!

I would like to introduce you to our newest KARC member Iain Tynan- VE7FXJ/VE7IET.

Iain has lived for 20 years in Kamloops with his family, and he has worked at Royal Inland Hospital since his arrival in Kamloops, first as an internist and currently as a hospitalist.

When Iain was in university he had friend with an amateur license and his friend introduced Iain to some fellow hams and soon Iain became hooked on listening to shortwave. Unfortunately, given time constraints, he did not get his own license until 2000.

Iain is looking forward to being part of the KARC, and is interested in learning from others.  His current rig is a Yaesu FT- 857 (but he also has an older Kenwood TS-690S) and uses a variety of wire dipoles (my wife is not too happy with them). He also has a Buddipole antenna for portable use, as well as an Icom 2100 for VHF.

If you hear Iain on the radio please give him a call.

Welcome to the KARC, Iain, and thank you for becoming a member!