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KARC volunteers assist with tower take down

Four members of the club assisted to safely take down the tower of former club member Al McKnight (SK).  His wife Barb contacted the club in late May and asked for our assistance.

Myles (VE7FSR) scoped out and planned the project with Barb, and in September Myles, Mark (VE7ALN), Chuck (VE7PJR), and Peter (VE7DNZ) got together over two evenings to take down the tower.  On the first evening Myles removed the old satellite dish, VHF antenna brackets, and lowered the two sections of aluminum masting.  He also got the rigging ready for the next evening when the team would be taking down the tower itself.

Peter brought the club gin pole, and Myles and Peter lifted off the tower sections and carefully passed them down to Chuck and Mark.  Fortunately Al had used stainless fasteners and anti-seize so everything came apart fairly easily.  It didn't take long and the tower sections were down in the back yard.  A few more minutes with a pipe wrench and a long extension and the bolts were off the mast base plate.

It was really nice to be able to assist Barb with this project, and I sincerly appreciate the help of Chuck, Mark and Peter in helping to make this possible.  Thank you!

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