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2021 Ham of the Year




At the December club meeting Lee Woldanski, VE7FET, was recognized as the recipient of the 2021 Ham of the Year Award for his outstanding volunteer efforts and commitment to amateur radio. Lee was presented (virtually) with a handsome wood and brass plaque to recognize his outstanding devotion to amateur radio and to the countless hours of volunteer time, donated equipment, education, and the remote support he has provided to make amateur radio better and more enjoyable for all of us in the KARC and amateur radio fraternity.

Lee lives in South Surrey, and is an active member and Director of the BCFMCA.  Lee met Myles (VE7FSR) several years ago and over time Myles somehow managed to coerce Lee into lending a hand to our Club (which was easy to do because Lee is an amazing person, willing to give his time and expertise to help others).  Lee became a member of the KARC, and he has been very involved in the design, build, installation, maintenance, and operation of the KARC repeater systems.  Lee has also offered advice and assistance to the KARC Board based on his extensive experience serving with the BCFMCA.  If it wasn't for Lee the KARC wouldn't have the fantastic repeater system we are very fortunate to have.  Thank you Lee, we sincerely appreciate all you have done for the KARC.

The "Ham of the Year Award" for the Kamloops club was instituted in 1971 by George Stephens (VE7YF, SK).  Please see this link for past recipients.