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Welcome to our newest club member! VE7CFY

Welcome to the Kamloops Amateur Radio Club!

Ron Stolp, VE7CFY, is our newest member having joined the club in December.  Ron recently wrote his exam with Mark, VE7ARN, and passed with flying colours!  He received his Basic with Honours qualification and chose the callsign VE7CFY.

Ron tells us that many years ago in high school he was studying for his license, but back then it required morse code as well as a lot of electronic circuits, and although a few of his friends stuck with it and still have their licence, Ron wasn't so fortunate.

Currently he is very involved with horses in various disciplines, and he likes to travel to Arizona with the horses in winter (with the exception of the last few years). Ron thought that having an extra form of communication would be a good idea because cell phones don't always work where they ride so ham radio was a good choice.

Ron isn't on the air yet (he is waiting delivery on a couple of Baofeng portable radios that are stuck in Richmond) and hopes to be making his first QSO with one of us soon.

Here are a couple photos of Ron on his horses (I suspect you can tell which photo was taken in Arizona -Ed.), including his newest horse which is in Mission where the two of them are taking more training.

Welcome to the KARC, Ron, and thank you for becoming a member!