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KARC Bulletin: Newest (future) Ham for 2023!

Congratulations to Simon and Caitlin Rizzardo, our members from Merritt. 

Simon and Caitlin are pleased to announce that Finnigan Rizzardo was born on January 10 at 5:23am in Royal Inland Hospital in Kamloops, and he is the first new addition to the ham radio family in the region.  Finnegan weighed in at a whopping 10 pounds three ounces, and Simon says he is already holding his first VHF HT radio.  Soon he will be following in his Daddies footsteps and checking into our local nets.  Caitlin is encouraged that Finnigan is so big; she says he can start picking up after himseld around the house when they get home from the hospital.

The KARC woud like to extend our sincere congratulations to Simon and Caitlin, and club members have pitched in to purchase the familiy a gift card to Oskosh B'Gosh so they can stock up on wee gaffer accessories.

Congratulations, Rizzardo family!  Welcome Finnegan!