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LIVE! Winter Field Day 2023








We are live and operating from Winter Field Day!  We have Mark VE7ARN, Jim VE7HS, Austin VE7QH, Ralph VA7VZA, Mike VE7KPZ, Shawn VA7NIN, Jason VA7HAB, Brock VA7AV, Peter VE7DNZ, and Myles VE7FSR operating CW, Phone and Digital.  The wood stove is keeping us warm, and the generator is keeping the lights on and the radios running!

Everyone is having fun, and five of us are camping out tonight (three in tents, one in his truck camper, and one in a cot inside the building.

We had a miserable wind and blowing snow on Friday making set up a challenge, but we were able to get the Carolina Windom up in a nearby tree, and the BuddiHex installed on the Max-Gain mast.  We are operating 3 Outdoor BC, which means that we are able to have three stations operating simultaneously.  We are using the club IC-7300 and Austin brought his Elecraft KX-2 and Yaesu FT-891 radios. 

Here are some photos from the contest site.  More photos may be viewed here:

Drone footage of Winter Field Day can be seen here: