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Reminder: Next KARC meeting is Thursday, November 2 at 7PM






The next club meeting will be held on November 2 at 7PM.

Our next guest speaker will be Keith Witney, VE7KW, who will be presenting on DX’ing.  Keith is a member of the RAC Board of Directors and is the British Columbia and Yukon Region Director.  Keith is an accomplished DX’er and contester, and he was the co-recipient of the RAC Amateur of the Year Award for 2017.

Keith is going to define the term “DX” and give us a brief introduction to DXing.  He will explain how various DX operators work (casual operators through to big expeditions), and what is expected of both the DX operator and the “clients” (client = you!).

Keith will provide tips on how and where to find DX stations, when to attempt to contact DX stations, how to best attempt the contact, and how to know if you have been successful (awards, certificates, QSLs, and LOTW).

Keith uses some neat (and free!) software tools that can help the new and experienced DXer make more contacts and he will demonstrate those to us this week.  Learn about the differences between SSB, digital, and CW operations.  FT8 has been a game changer for the little guy but still requires some “expertise”, and Keith will help you learn how to improve your FT8 game.

Keith will help us learn about operating split with VFO A and VFO B, or at a more advanced level, using a sub receiver to monitor both the DX operator and the pileup. He will offer tips on the use of a panadaptor display to find where the DX is listening when operating split.

Learn how to improve your home station – it doesn’t always cost a lot, and there are lots of tricks and tips to help you improve your signal and that of the DX station.

This will be hybrid meeting, but you are encouraged to join us in person (we will have donuts and apple fritters!).

For those who can only join online, please use this link:

Please note that annual membership fees were due in September, so if you haven't already renewed please remember to bring your cheque book or cash for Jordan.  Membership fees may also be paid by e-transfer to Jordan.  The 2023/2024 membership form is attached below so please fill it out and bring it with you, or you may email the form to Jordan at

To join the meeting in person please meet outside the lobby of the Victoria Building at 210 Victoria Street.  The KARC meeting will be held in the offices of the Province of BC on the 5th Floor. This is a controlled access building so please try to be there by 6:50pm so we can start the meeting promptly on time at 7pm.  Please wait outside until someone comes to open the door.  You may also call (250) 318-5150 to let us know you are downstairs waiting.