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KARC Winter Field Day 2024













KARC Winter Field Day
January 27-28, 2024

The Kamloops Amateur Radio Club will be participating in Winter Field Day 2024, on January 27-28Setup will start at 1400 PST on Friday, January 26, and Winter Field Day will begin at 1100 PST on Saturday, January 27 and conclude at 1059 hours on Sunday, January 28.

If you are interested in participating please contact Myles in advance so we know how many to expect.  Dinner will be provided on Saturday evening (chili, corn bread, etc.) so please confirm your participation by January 19 so we know how many to cook for.

We will be operating using the club callsign VE7UT as 2 Outdoor BC, on CW, phone and digital modes.  We will have two IC-7300 HF stations, and will be operating on alternative power (generator and battery), using three HF antennas (Carolina Windom, 20M EFHW, and a 40/80M NVIS).  You are most welcome to bring your own HF radio and plug into one of our antennas.

We will be using the old homesteader building (aka the "barn") again this year which is located about 700 metres from the parking area on Mannings Road.  As long as we don't get too much snow we should be able to park adjacent to the "barn".  Be forewarned, the trail from Mannings Road to the barn is suitable for high-clearance SUV/CUVs or trucks/4x4s -- if in doubt park at the end of Mannings Rd and one of us will drive out to give you a ride to the barn.

For those interested, there is lots of room for winter camping adjacent to the "barn", and there are two cots if you want to sleep inside.  You will need to bring your own camp chair and whatever else you need to keep yourself warm and well fed.  There will be a Coleman 2-burner stove for cooking (bring your own cooking accoutrements), and a kettle on the woodstove for coffee, tea, and hot chocolate.

Bathroom facilities will be "primitive" so please be forewarned!

A Google Earth KMZ file is attached showing the location of the barn, as well as a KMZ file showing where you can park.

Here is a link to Google Maps that you can use to help you navigate from the Knutsford Community Hall to the turn off from Mannings Road. 

PLEASE DO NOT let Google Maps take you directly to Jackson Road off of Hwy 5A!  PART OF THAT ROAD IS NOT MAINTAINED IN THE WINTER!

We will be monitoring 147.320+ (the VE7RLO repeater) so if you need directions to the site or a shuttle in from the parking area please call "CQ VE7UT".  We will also be broadcasting the Winter Field Day location on APRS so please see VE7UT on!