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Microwave link from Promontory Mtn to Iron Mtn is back on the air!

February 19 -- the microwave link between Promontory Mountain and Iron Mountain has been restored.  The VE7IRN repeater, kiwiSDR receivers, web cams, and APRS iGate are back online and connected to the KARC IP network.

Several weeks ago after a prolonged power outage the PTY-IRN microwave link from Promontory Mtn (PTY) and Iron Mountain (IRN) failed to come back when the power was restored.  Myles VE7FSR and Lee VE7FET were able to gain IP access to the microwave radio (PTY-TPK) that connects to Greenstone Mtn (TPK), so they knew that things were powered on in the building at Promontory, but they were unable to ping or login to the (PTY-IRN) Ubiquiti Bullet AC radio.

On Sunday, February 18 Myles VE7FSR went up to Promontory Mountain on snowmobile and after some troubleshooting he suspected that the PoE injector for the Bullet AC radio had failed.  Unfortunately the spare PoE injectors that he brought with him were not compatible with the Bullet AC so he couldn't be sure.   Myles brought the radio and PoE injector home and did some testing on Sunday night and confirmed that the Bullet AC radio was fine, but the PoE injector was dead.

This necessitated a follow up trip on Monday, February 19 when Myles went back to Promontory Mtn with a new PoE injector (and a spare!).  Once onsite the Bullet AC radio was powered up and the microwave link to Iron Mountain was soon back in operation.

Photos from the weekend may be viewed here: