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Follow up to "Taking the Moon's Temperature" by Ken Tapping

As promised at the January meeting, Ken Tapping has followed up with a plethora of information for those of us interested in "backyard" radio astronomy.

Ken tells me that he has sent a highly-eclectic selection of stuff (see attachments by clicking "Read more") that might be of interest to backyard radio astronomers. He has also attached a copy of that solar radio programme paper he spoke about during his presentation, because there might be odds and ends of useful stuff in there.

There are no books on "backyard" radio astronomy that Ken would recommend. However, there are two main-stream radio astronomy books that are loaded with useful information:

  1. Radio Astronomy, by J.D. Kraus. McGraw Hill. The edition Ken has was printed in the 1960's, so the background discussions are not so buried in "clever stuff" that one cannot understand the important information. The one Ken has is the old, regular-sized hardback with a blue cover. Ken looked on the web and learned that the book is still out there for sale.
  2. Solar Radio Astronomy, by MR Kundu - John Wiley - again, 1960's. Lots of stuff here for the solar radio oriented.

Ken noticed an RSGB book titled "Amateur Radio Astronomy", by John Fielding, but he said he knows nothing of its contents, so he cannot recommend it.

Ken also included the website for the Canadian Centre for Experimental Radio Astronomy. There is a lot of backyard radio astronomy information - and more - so please check this out.

If anyone wants to have their email address added to the backyard radio astronomy email list that Ken mentioned, please let Myles know and he will forward your email address to Ken.